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Geocaching in Gahanna, OH

Geocaching in Gahanna, OH

Posted on Wednesday, August 19, 2020 by Visit Gahanna.

As we navigate our way through the COVID-19 pandemic, people are looking for more ways to spend time outside in the fresh air, which has led to a resurgence in geocaching. Geocaching is a real-life treasure hunt that uses GPS devices to lead you to hidden containers, or geocaches. With 1,495 geocaches around Columbus, this is an ideal outdoor activity to keep you busy throughout the summer and early fall. Join the world’s greatest treasure hunt by downloading the free app today and start.

How to Start Geocaching in Gahanna, OH

The Visit Gahanna team recently joined in on the fun by hiding a geocache at one of our favorite places, The Ohio Herb Center! If you’ve never been geocaching before, or haven’t even heard of it, no worries! It’s easy to get started, and it’s loads of fun. 

Once you download the app, you can create a profile and get hunting. The app will use your location to show you nearby geocaches. From there, you select a geocache you’d like to find to reveal its coordinates. Use your GPS device, like your smartphone or tablet, to help you find the hidden treasure. After you find it, be sure to sign the logbook and return the geocache to its original location so other geocachers can come across it too! Feel free to take a goodie or two from the geocache so long as you replace what you take with an equal or higher-valued item.

Geocaching is the perfect way to spend time outside, all while being safe. You can even go geocaching with friends or family since it’s simple to keep a social distance. Whether you ride your bikes or walk across town to find the geocaches, you’re sure to get your share of exercise for the day. Don’t forget to stay hydrated by bringing plenty of water. Be warned; geocaching is addicting! Once you find your first one, it will be hard to stop.

Feel free to share your geocaching pictures with us by tagging us @VisitGahanna! Happy geocaching!