1837 Wine & Spirits Emporium

1837 Wine & Spirits Emporium

Posted on Tuesday, November 10, 2020 by Visit Gahanna.

Gahanna is home to every wine lover's oasis! 1837 Wine & Spirits Emporium carries over 3,000 varieties of wine, and that collections grows every week. The Visit Gahanna team recently caught up with Sridhar Reddy, owner of 1837 Wine & Spirits Emporium, to talk about their tastings and deals. Continue reading below to see what Sridhar has to offer. 

1. How would you describe 1837 Wine & Spirits Emporium?
"We are a family owned local Wine and Ohio Liquor Agency.

"Customer Service is our priority and we take special care and attention to our customer needs. If there is a beverage that we do not carry in store, we will special order it for you and if you would like us to start carrying in the store, we will do it for you. This is how we built our wide selection of Wines and Beer, catered to our customer's taste and our selection is increasing every day.

"Come in to our store to either look around or buy something (wine, liquor, beer, mixers, cigars, craft beer, etc)." 

2. Why did you choose Gahanna to open your store?
"We chose Gahanna for the location and the clientele."

3. Can you tell us about your wine tastings and discounts?
"We have wine tastings every Friday from 5 PM - 8 PM (temporarily closed due to COVID). It is a small party with most locals and regulars showing up for tastings every Friday.  Tastings are $10 per person that includes appetizers. We offer at least eight different varieties of wines every tasting.

"We offer a 10% discount on six or more wines any day, and the best part is you can mix and match. We have about 3,000 varieties of wines and are still adding more every week. A new customer will never stop appreciating the kind of wine selection we carry and how good the store is."

4. How can community members and visitors keep up with your events and promotions?
"Our primary form of communication is email where we are in constant touch with our customers. We send out weekly emails to our customers. The weekly email will have the list of wines we are going to taste that Friday and describe each wine, so the customers have an advanced idea on what wine they are going to taste. Customers can sign up for email notifications with one of our employees at the counter, or go to our website and sign up there.  

"We are also active on Facebook and Google. Have a lot of great reviews about our store, please check them out. We also have a website 1837wineandspirits.com that explains more about who we are. We list our events and promotions there as well."

Be sure to visit 1837 Wine & Spirits Emporium for all of your holiday needs this season. You can find them at 1383 E Johnstown Rd, Gahanna, OH 43230.