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C.O.R.A is the Creekside Outdoor Refreshment Area (commonly known as D.O.R.A - Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area).

Within the CORA boundaries, patrons are able to purchase a beverage from a participating establishment and enjoy the district, taking your beverage with you.

In order to participate, you will need to purchase a CORA cup (valid for 1 day) from a participating establishment and purchase your beverage that will be served in a branded CORA cup. Drinks not placed in a branded CORA cup CANNOT leave the establishment. There are no glass bottles, cans, or outside drinks permitted within the CORA boundaries.

The Rules:

  • CORA Cups are allowed daily, during posted hours. (Mon-Wed 3pm – 11pm; Thurs-Sun 11am-11pm)
  • CORA Cups are ONLY for drinks from CORA participating establishments.
  • Patrons may NOT carry cups into other participating bars and restaurants.
  • Patrons may carry cups into retail or service businesses ONLY with permission to do so. This will be signified by a “CORA permitted here” window decal.
  • Drink and explore within the CORA boundaries - Look for the signs!
CORA Creekside CORA Boundaries